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Since GHSA was launched in 2014, more than 50 countries have joined the initiative.

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A young boy tending cattle.

One Health Zoonotic Disease Prioritization Workshop

The One Health Zoonotic Disease Prioritization Workshop is a voluntary and collaborative process that allows countries to identify their most urgent threats, build lab capacity, plan outbreak response and preparedness activities, create disease prevention strategies to reduce illness and death in people and animals, and much more to tackle the threat of zoonotic disease.

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CDC team works with the FETP advisor in the county health team's EOC.

Faster, Smarter Outbreak Response in Liberia

In 2014-2015, Liberia suffered more than 10,000 cases of Ebola and over 4,800 Ebola-related deaths. It took the country months to mount an effective response to the epidemic, as needed public health systems had to be built in the face of the expanding crisis.

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Disease detectives use data to track down cases of Lassa fever and prevent the spread of the virus in Sierra Leone.

Data Inspires Lifesaving Action in Sierra Leone

Disease detectives know that data can save lives. This is why three CDC-trained disease detectives from Sierra Leone’s Frontline Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP-Frontline) searched the country’s treasure troves of surveillance data on diseases like tuberculosis, Lassa fever, and acute flaccid paralysis (which is associated with polio). Here’s how they turned the numbers they found into meaningful action.

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Doctors with event-based surveillance (EBS) materials during cascade training to roll out the EBS in a pilot province and later monitoring visit. Photo Courtesy: Cuc Hong Tran, PhD

Vietnam Update: Community-Based Surveillance Yields Results

Sometimes, the most valuable resources in detecting an outbreak are the people closest to it. Arming community health workers and other local leaders with the information they need to make decisions about when and how an illness should be reported is an important measure in controlling outbreaks before they have a chance to spread.

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Dr Shumaila does an active case search during a measles outbreak investigation in District Sukkur, Province Sindh, February 2017.

Progress in Pakistan: Growing Response to Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Over the past two years, Pakistan has significantly increased its ability to investigate and respond to outbreaks of deadly but preventable diseases like measles, pertussis, and diphtheria. The key to their success has been through building a skilled workforce of disease detectives and responders who are also tapping into their local communities.

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A health post in Forécariah, Guinea.

Guinea Forges Critical Links to Laboratories

In Guinea, health facilities in rural areas didn’t have a working specimen referral chain to get samples from community health centers to laboratories; they had limited training and supplies to deliver biological materials safely. This meant that patients in Guinea had to travel to the nearest hospital, sometimes for hours or days, even to get routine examinations. When faced with this obstacle, many people did not seek treatment at all.

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Dead bird at the affected site of Kalanga District, Uganda.

Uganda's Rapid Response to Avian Influenza Virus Outbreak in Birds

When local fishermen in Uganda spotted a massive die-off of migratory birds, it raised an alarm for the country. In January 2017, in the Lake Victoria island and lakeshore districts of Kalangala, Masaka, and Wakiso, about 10,000 white-winged black terns died unexpectedly, and health experts needed to find out why.

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Kampala, Uganda: 4th High Level GHSA Ministerial Meeting logo

Uganda Ministerial event

The 4th GHSA High Level Ministerial Meeting was held October 25-27, 2017 in Kampala, Uganda with the theme of “Health Security for All: Engaging Communities, Non-governmental Organizations, and the Private Sector”.

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Strategic Partnership Portal illustration

Strategic Partnership Portal

The SPP allows countries, donors, partners, international agencies (WHO, FAO, OIE), and other relevant health security stakeholders to discern the activities and initiatives that are being carried out in countries in building international health regulations capacity.

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