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GHSA Action Package Coordination Meeting:
23-25 August 2016 Jakarta, Indonesia

Day 1

  1. Introductory Session
    1. The Global Health Security Agenda (2014-2016) [PDF, 665KB]
    2. The Global Health Security Agenda Update on High Level Meeting [PDF, 557KB]
    3. The GHSA Action Package Progress [PDF, 840KB]
  2. Advisors
    1. WHO JEE SPP: From external evaluation to the development of action plans [PDF, 1.13MB]
    2. FAO, GHSA, and One Health: Recent Updates [PDF, 1.06MB]
    3. The OIE PVS Pathway [PDF, 3.35MB]
  3. Panel - 1
    1. GHSA Antimicrobial Resistance Update [PDF, 538KB]
    2. GHSA - Action Package Prevent 4: Immunization – Indonesia [PDF, 1.41MB]
  4. Panel 2
    1. Zoonotic Diseases Action Package [PDF, 1.46MB]
    2. GHSA Prevent 3: BioSafety and Biosecurity Update [PDF, 369KB]
    3. Vietnam Discussion on ZDAP and Biosafety/Biosecurity Action Packages [PDF, 1.05MB]
  5. Panel 3
    1. Real Time Surveillance [PDF, 1.5MB]
    2. GHSA Detect 1: National Laboratory System Action Package [PDF, 576KB]

Conceptual Framework GHSA Action Package Coordination Meeting [PDF, 483KB]

Day 2

  1. Panel 4
    1. GHSA Reporting Action Package (Detect 4) [PDF, 59KB]
    2. GHSA Workforce Development Update [PDF, 309KB]
  2. Panel 5
    1. Emergency Operations Center Action Package (Respond 1) [PDF, 61KB]
    2. GHSA: Linking Public Health with Law and Multisectoral Rapid Response Action Package [PDF, 1.13KB]
  3. Discussion
    1. A Systemic Integrated Network Model – A Model for Coordinating Multiple Components in GHS [PDF, 500KB]
    2. JEE Zoonotic Disease Indicators [PDF, 148KB]
    3. ZDAP Logic Model [PDF, 234KB]
    4. Jakarta Call For Action on the GHSA Action Package Implementation [PDF, 150KB]

Summary of GHSA Action Package Coordination Meeting [PDF, 76KB]