Global Health Security Agenda 2024

At the October 2017 GHSA Ministerial Meeting in Uganda, the more than 40 GHSA member countries present supported the “Kampala Declaration” to extend GHSA for an additional five years, to 2024, and called upon the GHSA Steering Group to develop a plan for the next five years. The GHSA Steering Group is developing the model for the next phase of GHSA work through a consultative process.


The Steering Group is developing a proposed GHSA 2024 Framework by drawing on input received from the broader GHSA community, including through a questionnaire distributed to GHSA partners in November 2017, review and discussion by the Steering Group, and virtual consultations with the full GHSA community.

The anticipated 2018 timeline for GHSA 2024 development is below, which includes scheduled times to share updates and consult with the full GHSA community. The GHSA Steering Group will continue consultations with GHSA partners (e.g., international organizations, Action Package leaders, non-governmental stakeholders) throughout the year.

This effort aims to ensure that the next phase of GHSA is effective at facilitating high-level and multisectoral work toward sustainable and measurable advances in health security.

GHSA 2024 Development Timeline for 2018

Time Period Proposed Actions
January: Steering Group Meeting discussion of initial draft of GHSA 2024 Framework.
March–April: GHSA community-wide consultation on GHSA 2024, including virtual Town Hall meetings.
April: Steering Group completes an update to the GHSA 2024 Framework based on feedback, including more detailed documents (e.g., terms of reference (TORs)).
May: Steering Group Meeting discussion of updated GHSA 2024 Framework.
Summer: Share Finalized GHSA 2024 Framework and TORs GHSA-wide. Identify new leadership.
Fall: Present GHSA 2024 Framework at the GHSA Ministerial.
November–December: Transition to GHSA 2024 structure and objectives.



Recent Updates

Draft GHSA 2024 Framework (v3.0) [DOC, 116KB]

Additional Details (“Proposals”) for GHSA 2024 Task Forces [PDF, 489KB]

To inform the GHSA Steering Group of your interest in membership or leadership roles in GHSA 2024, complete the “GHSA 2024 Expression of Interest Form” [DOC, 31KB] and send it to by Friday, August 31, 2018.

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