Global Health Security Agenda 2024

At the October 2017 GHSA Ministerial Meeting in Uganda, the more than 40 GHSA member countries present supported the “Kampala Declaration” to extend GHSA for an additional five years, to 2024, and called upon the GHSA Steering Group to develop a plan for the next five years. The GHSA Steering Group is developing the model for the next phase of GHSA work through a consultative process.


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GHSA 2024 Framework [PDF, 658KB]

Additional Details (“Proposals”) for GHSA 2024 Task Forces [PDF, 489KB]

Action Package Renewal – 2019 Action Packages [PDF, 772KB]

GHSA 2024 Reference Materials Table of Contents [PDF, 16KB]

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GHSA 2024 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is GHSA?

GHSA is a global collaborative, multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to accelerate and optimize global health security. This includes sharing best practices, elevating global health security as a national leaders’-level priority, and facilitating national capacity to comply with relevant international health security standards, frameworks, and strategies.

How does GHSA work?

GHSA is a political driver that leverages and complements the strengths and resources of global partners to build and improve country capacity and leadership in the prevention and early detection of, and effective response to, infectious disease threats. It seeks to:

  • Galvanize tangible commitments at the highest political levels to achieve provincial, national, regional and global health security;
  • Promote the development and implementation of tools and mechanisms to achieve commitments at the country-level, as well as in neighboring and border countries; and
  • Promote and support the mobilization of funds to achieve financial sustainability for health security capacities.

What’s new in GHSA 2024?

  • GHSA 2024 sets ambitious but realistic goals to achieve by the year 2024, and establishes an approach to achieve those goals
  • The GHSA 2024 Framework includes GHSA’s renewed vision, mission, core principles, mandate, and overarching goal and target; new and updated structures to enhance coordination (e.g., a proposed Secretariat Function) and collaboration (e.g., Task Forces, Action Package Working Groups); and terms of references to clarify responsibilities and processes.
  • GHSA 2024 establishes an approach that enhances and encourages coordination, active engagement, multisectorality, internal and external communication, and tracking of progress and impact.
  • Examples of changes from the first phase of GHSA include:
    • New structures, including a proposed secretariat function and Task Forces to streamline planning and implementation and encourage active participation;
    • Permanent and rotating positions on the Steering Group;
    • Renewed Action Package working groups, and the possibility of creating and participating in new Action Package working groups;
    • Inclusion of multilateral organizations and non-governmental stakeholders as active members of GHSA;
    • Increased communication with the full GHSA community and its partners; and
    • Establishment of processes for tracking progress and impact.

What is GHSA aiming to accomplish by 2024?

Over its 5-year mandate, GHSA, working with relevant partners, will actively contribute to national, regional, and global efforts to support countries in evaluation, planning, resource mobilization, and implementation of activities that build health security capacity so that, by 2024, more than 100 countries that have completed an evaluation of health security capacity will have undergone planning and resource mobilization to address gaps, and will be in the process of implementing activities to achieve impact. These countries will strengthen and demonstrate improvements in at least five technical areas to a level of ‘Demonstrated Capacity’, as measured by relevant health security assessments, such as those undertaken within the WHO IHR Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.

How will Action Packages be different in GHSA 2024?

In the first phase of GHSA, GHSA members and partners identified a subset of 11 technical areas critical to ensuring country capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats. These technical areas were referred to as Action Packages, and GHSA members established associated multilateral working groups under these areas to facilitate regional and global collaboration toward specific GHSA objectives and targets. The Action Packages sought to focus international discussion toward specific, coordinated actions in support of GHSA; highlight measurable approaches GHSA countries can adopt to accelerate, monitor and report progress; and provide a mechanism by which countries can make specific commitments and take leadership roles in GHSA.

As GHSA transitions into the next phase, Action Package working groups may focus on the original 11 technical areas from the first phase of GHSA, as well as other areas. Those addressing a particular topic may also disband and then restart at a later date, in accordance with identified priorities. The new Framework, as well as the terms of reference for Action Packages, outline how the Steering Group and GHSA members will regularly revisit priorities and consider which Action Package working groups can most effectively contribute to the overarching GHSA mandate going forward.

While all 11 original Action Packages remain priority areas for the GHSA community, work will advance in 2019 under 8 Action Package working groups.

GHSA 2024 will continue to facilitate efforts to build health security capacity in all relevant technical areas. GHSA’s focus on technical areas will be responsive to those that GHSA members identify as high priorities. This built-in flexibility will enable a sharpened focus on implementation of health security programming that is both responsive and adaptive to current member country capacity and each partner’s unique strengths.

Is the GHSA 2024 Framework final?

The Steering Group is working to finalize and circulate a final version of the Framework this fall, prior to the annual GHSA Ministerial in Bali, Indonesia in November 2018. The latest version is posted to the website (, which will be updated when the final version is available.

Where can I find more information about GHSA 2024?

You can find more information on the GHSA website ( and send any further questions to

How do I join GHSA 2024?

Complete the “Expression of Interest” form available on the GHSA website and send it to