Action Packages

In order to facilitate progress toward the common GHSA goals, the "Action Package" concept was developed to provide focus and structure to priority technical areas.

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During a meeting in Helsinki, Finland, in early 2014, member countries identified eleven discrete GHSA Action Packages, which were discussed further in Jakarta, Indonesia, later that year and finalized in Washington, DC, at the first GHSA High Level Event in September 2014. Technical experts from countries around the world worked collaboratively to shape these Action Packages and continue to lead and implement them. The 11 Action Packages have been agreed upon by all GHSA countries. In developing these Action Packages, the goal has been to translate political support into action and to guide countries toward achieving the GHSA targets.

As a part of the GHSA 2024 development process, the objectives and membership of the Action Packages were renewed. While all 11 original Action Packages remain priority areas for the GHSA community, work will advance in 2019 under 8 Action Package working groups. For further information, see “Action Package Renewal – 2019 Action Packages”.

All GHSA member countries can participate in one or more Action Packages and may choose to fulfill this commitment by building capacity at a national, regional, and/or global level.

The Action Packages

Action Packages [PDF, 257KB]

Driving Outcomes Toward Achieving the GHSA Target [PDF, 1.2MB]

Progress and Next Steps

All countries are welcome and encouraged to lead or join any of the GHSA Action Packages. Progress in the implementation of GHSA commitments is reviewed regularly, and gaps and next steps highlighted through the GHSA Steering Group Meetings and annual GHSA Ministerial. Countries wishing to advance or assist other countries in achieving GHSA targets may also wish to coordinate with international organizations, which, individually or collectively, have developed specific tools and/or programs that can be tailored to build capacity and address country development needs.

Countries interested in joining GHSA should contact the Dutch Secretariat.