Reporting Action Package

GHSA Action Package Detect 4


Five-Year Target: Timely and accurate disease reporting according to WHO requirements and consistent coordination with FAO and OIE.

As Measured by: Number of countries trained for reporting of potential public health events of international concern to WHO and to other official reporting systems such as OIE-WAHIS. (and/or)
Number of National IHR Focal Points connected to the learning package on reporting to WHO.

Desired National Impact: Countries and their National IHR Focal Points, OIE Delegates, and WAHIS National Focal Points will have access to a toolkit of best practices, model procedures, reporting templates, and training materials to facilitate rapid (within 24 hours ) notification of events that may constitute a PHEIC to WHO / listed diseases to OIE and will be able to rapidly (within 24/48 hours ) respond to communications from these organizations.

Country Commitments to Action Package:

  • Leading countries: France
  • Contributing countries: Bangladesh, Cote d'Ivoire, Israel. Zimbabwe
  • Contributing international organizations: FAO, OIE, WHO