Medical Countermeasures & Personnel Deployment Action Package

GHSA Action Package Respond3


Five-Year Target: A national framework for transferring (sending and receiving) medical countermeasures and public health and medical personnel among international partners during public health emergencies.

As Measured by: Evidence of at least 1 response to a public health emergency within the previous year that demonstrates that the country sent or received medical countermeasures and personnel according to written national or international protocols, OR a formal exercise or simulation that demonstrates these things.

Desired National Impact: Countries will have the necessary legal and regulatory processes and logistical plans to allow for the rapid cross-border deployment and receipt of public health and medical personnel during emergencies. Regional collaboration will assist countries in overcoming the legal, logistical and regulatory challenges to deployment of public health and medical personnel from one country to another.

Country Commitments to Action Package:

  • Leading countries: Chile, United States
  • Contributing countries: Canada, Israel, Mongolia,
  • Contributing international organizations: FAO, OIE, WHO