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Emergency Supply Chain Framework

  1. Best Practices in Supply Chain Preparedness [PDF, 21.8MB], French [PDF, 5.6MB]
  2. Emergency Supply Chain Playbook: English [PDF, 144KB], French [PDF, 112KB]
  3. Management Checklist: English [PDF, 58KB], French [PDF, 29KB]
  4. Overview Guide: English [PDF, 209KB], French [99KB]
  5. Technical Users Guide: English [PDF, 4.0MB], French [PDF, 2.9MB]
    • Technical Users Guide Supporting Templates: English [XLSX, 512KB], French [XLSX, 487KB]
  6. Response Quick Guide: English [PPT, 2.4MB], French [PPT, 2.3MB]
  7. Diseases Supply Chain Job Aids and Supply Chain Protocols and Contacts: English [PPT, 10.1MB], French [PPT, 10.1MB]
  8. Simulation Exercise Presentation: English [PPT, 13.2MB], French [PPT, 12.6MB]
    • Simulation Exercise - Facilitator Guide: English [PDF, 3.5MB], French [PDF, 4.8MB]
    • Simulation Exercise - Participant Workbook: English [PDF, 367KB], French [PDF, 369KB]

JEE Tool

Joint External Evaluation Tool (JEE Tool) International Health Regulations (2005)

FAO Laboratory Mapping Tool

FAO Laboratory Mapping Tool - Version 2016