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Leveraging Private Sector Technology to Track Progress for GHSA: Qlik and the Private Sector Roundtable Launch Online Tool

Nearly 100 GHSA countries have undergone their Joint External Evaluations (JEEs) to assess capacities in key areas of health security, and fifty have developed their National Action Plans for Health Security, with many more in the pipeline. But where does this data live? And how can the GHSA community access and understand it?
Global Health Security Agenda Private Sector Roundtable

In partnership with the Private Sector Roundtable (PSRT), software company Qlik, has developed and launched an online platform to showcase data from the JEEs in a way that is user-friendly and easily navigable for GHSA countries and partners. The tool allows users to select which information they want to view by country or region, capacity area, or score. The goal of the tool is to make the rich qualitative and quantitative data from the JEEs, which is currently available on the WHO site, as well as other data sources, more accessible for GHSA stakeholders.

The tool could help countries as they prioritize areas of need and develop National Action Plans for Health Security, as well as help partners including the private sector understand where they may be able to help address gaps in capacity. As countries undergo additional assessments, the tool will incorporate that data to demonstrate progress over time and remaining gaps.

As countries commit their time and resources to undergo JEEs and develop national action plans to strengthen health security, there is increasing recognition within the GHSA community that non-governmental partners including the private sector can bring something unique to the table. The private sector has resources and expertise in areas such as supply chain, logistics, data management, and technology. The PSRT, which is a member of the GHSA Steering Group as of this year, brings together companies interested in leveraging these capabilities to advance the goals of the GHSA.

Qlik has heeded the call for companies to roll up their sleeves and make these resources available in a way useful for countries. This tool is one example of how the private sector’s capabilities can be leveraged to help strengthen global health security.

Julie Kae, Executive Director of, who has led the development of the tool, provided a set of demonstrations earlier this year at a meeting of the GHSA Steering Group and at the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), and was met with excited reactions about the value of such a platform. In partnership with the PSRT, Julie continues to demonstrate the tool with GHSA countries and partners and make updates and improvements to expand its use. The PSRT is now working to include data from the OIE and other related agencies as identified to make the tool a more comprehensive site for analysis.

“Qlik is focused on creating a data-literate world and we are proud to support the work of the PSRT in supporting the GHSA agenda through the JEE tool from,” said Julie. “We look forward to working closely with members of the global health community to leverage even more data to identify and prioritize work as well as continuously monitor progress.”

The tool is currently live and available for use here, and the PSRT encourages GHSA actors to click through it. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the PSRT Secretariat, Rabin Martin, at


About the Private Sector Roundtable

The mission of the Private Sector Roundtable (PSRT) is to mobilize industry to help countries prevent, detect, and respond to health-related crises and strengthen systems for health security. The PSRT serves as the focal point for companies seeking to address these challenges, aligning public health needs with overarching business objectives. As a member of the GHSA Steering Group, the PSRT collaborates with governments, non-governmental partners, and companies in the health care, communications, energy, finance, technology, transportation, logistics, and other sectors to support countries in reaching the goals of the GHSA Action Packages.

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